Nashville International Airport (BNA) this week opens its second state-of-the-art parking facility, Terminal Garage 1, adding more than 2,000 spaces, a new improved valet center and a number of new amenities.

The $183 million Terminal Garage 1, built by Messer Construction and designed by Moody Nolan, is located directly across from the BNA terminal building. It joins Terminal Garage 2, which opened in December 2018 and offers 2,200 covered parking spaces and a dedicated ground transportation center for commercial vehicle pick-ups. A third garage will open in late 2023 with 1,800 additional parking spaces.

“This facility is part of a forward-thinking strategy that provides for today’s customer needs and anticipates tomorrow’s growth,” said Doug Kreulen, BNA president and CEO. “We appreciate the great work of our business partners, Messer Construction and Moody Nolan, and we want to highlight the significant involvement of the small, minority and woman-owned businesses (SMWBEs) who contributed to the construction of this garage with $41.3 million in contracts.”

The new garage, part of the BNA Vision airport modernization program, features a double helix ramp system for easy access to parking levels, EV charging stations, a tire inflation station, eight elevators and flight information displays.

Terminal Garage 1 was designed and built utilizing Parksmart, the world’s only rating system designed to advance sustainable mobility through smarter parking structure design and operation and includes sustainable components such as recycling receptacles, energy efficient lighting programmed to dim when no motion is detected, and a 50,000-gallon cistern for rainwater harvesting and landscape irrigation.