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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this week that effective October 30, all travelers must be vaccinated in order to depart from Canadian airports.

The new requirements also require travelers on VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains to show that they’ve been vaccinated, with government officials already working to put a vaccine requirement in place for ships before the resumption of the 2022 cruise season.

Trudeau also said federal servants and employees will be required to have vaccines, with government officials adding that crown corporations and separate agencies are being asked to implement vaccine policies as well.

“Vaccines are the most effective tool against COVID-19, and countless Canadians – including many public servants – have already done their part and gotten their shots.” Trudeau said in a statement announcing the new vaccine mandates. “But no one is safe until everyone is safe. We have enough doses in Canada for every person to be fully vaccinated across the country, so I encourage all Canadians who haven’t been vaccinated to book their shot today. Together, we will finish the fight against COVID-19.”

There will be a short transition period during which travelers not yet fully vaccinated will be able to travel if they can show a negative COVID-19 molecular test within 72 hours of travel. This transition period ends on November 30.

Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra echoed the need for vaccine requirements in the country’s transport sector, saying, “Requiring travelers and employees to be vaccinated ensures that everyone who travels and works in the transportation industry will better protect each other and keep Canadians safe.”