ARN Awards


Note that there have been changes to this edition's format. The new rules are below. Please take the time to read each one.

  • In order to submit a nomination, you must use an ARN Awards nomination form. Word documents will not be accepted. Note that the PDF forms include fields for each question in which you will be able to type your answer. Please do not hand write, scan and email the form as your submission.
  • Each airport and operator will be limited to submitting only two (2) nominations per category. If multiple submissions are submitted, the first batch will be accepted.
  • There will only be two (2) rounds: nominations and judging/scoring.
  • There will no longer be size categories (large and small) for the operator nominations, however the airport categories will still retain large, medium and small designations.
  • Concepts eligible for nomination must have opened within the following timeframe: October 1, 2014 to October 1, 2017. The lone exceptions are nominees in the following categories: Best New Food & Beverage Concept and Best New Specialty Retail Concept. These concepts must have opened between April 1, 2016 to October 1, 2017. Any nominees that fall outside these timeframes will be ineligible.
  • Nominations submitted into incorrect categories will not be included for voting. Please read each category definition carefully.
  • Forms are available for each category. Please make sure to answer the questions as best as possible.
  • When submitting photos, please ensure that they are high solution. Depending on the size, please send via share services such as Hightail, WeShare, Drop Box, etc.
  • The judging panel will conduct the voting, scoring the top 5 nominees in each category in reverse order. The best nominee will be scored a 5, the second a 4, the third a 3 and so on. The sum of these points will identify the top 5 finalists, with the highest point total identifying the winner.


October 23 – December 18: Nomination Submission Phase

December 19 – January 15: Voting

March 15: Winners Revealed