Denver International Airport (DEN) announced this week that it is seeking certified small business participants for its newest pilot program, the Business Development Training Academy.

The program will provide small businesses with a systematic approach to entering the airport as a subcontractor in construction, professional services, goods and services, and concessions.

The nine-week academy will run in August and September and help build a pipeline for certified small businesses, helping them learn about opportunities and apply and graduate from the City of Denver’s Division of Small Business Opportunity’s (DSBO) certified small business program. As a result of this series of trainings, DEN hopes to increase the pool of certified firms ready, willing and able to do work and be successful at the airport.

“Through our Center of Excellence and Equity in Aviation (CEEA), we want to provide training and growth opportunities for underutilized businesses and small businesses,” said DEN CEO Phil Washington. “This new pilot program is the first of many opportunities for the small business community that will provide them with the tools and training they need to work at DEN and be successful.”