Denver International Airport (DEN) has launched VeriFLY, a new pilot program done in conjunction with TSA that allows health-conscious travelers to make a reservation for a security screening and then take a limited capacity train car to their gate.

Passengers interested in participating in the free program can download the VeriFLY app, create an account then make a reservation in advance of their flight for TSA screening, On the day of departure, travelers check-in with their airline and head to the VeriFLY lane at the south TSA screening checkpoint at the reserved time. A touchless, electronic gate scans the passenger access code and checks the passenger’s temperature before providing access to the dedicated TSA VeriFLY lane.

Once screening is complete, VeriFLY passengers can then board the dedicated train car, with a limited number of VeriFLY passengers, to take them to their concourse.

“As we continue to face the challenges and concerns of COVID-19, we know that travelers are more focused on their health and are looking for ways to reduce contact with others,” said DEN CEO Kim Day. “This is our first step in creating a more touchless journey through the airport while we continue to enhance the travelers experience.”

DEN is partnered on the VeriFLY program with Daon, an identity management and biometric technology company, using its proven IdentityX platform for digital onboarding and authentication.

The airport’s long-term goal is to explore how to enable a touchless experience, maximize physical distancing, and assist risk-based health mitigation as travelers move through DEN.