Denver International Airport (DEN) said this week it has added language to its competitive solicitations, including RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, that include detailed information about the airport’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) requirements, including a required Equity
Plan submission as part of all proposals, which will be factored into each proposal’s final score.

The airport added that it is incorporating new components in training for the evaluation panel participants to better equip them to look for EDI sociocultural merits as they consider contracts.

The airport also announced it has established a “best value” in competitive procurements built on a foundation of honest and ethical decision making with a sincere focus on improving opportunities that promote economic equity by engaging a more diverse and inclusive community of vendors and contractors.

“This example of our commitment to EDI demonstrates that together we can collaborate and innovate to make meaningful impact not just at DEN, but in our community,” said DEN CEO Phil Washington. “These new practices will enrich our process to identify the best partners to award contracts to, so that across all our efforts and at every level we are integrating values of equity, diversity, inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability into our business.”