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Denver International Airport (DEN) took the first steps to obtain approval from the Denver City Council for Phase 2 of the airport’s Great Hall Project by presenting plans to the city’s Arts, Workforce & Aviation Services committee.

The committee approved the contract amendments and the corresponding Phase 2 plan, clearing the way for full Denver City Council consideration next week.

“Although the Great Hall Project has encountered some early challenges, the project is back on track and we have made significant progress over the last year on Phase 1,” said DEN CEO Kim Day. “We have also been working collaboratively on our Phase 2 plan with our airlines and key stakeholders to ensure that we deliver a project that stays within our original $770 million budget, meets the needs of our airlines and accomplishes our goals to enhance security, increase capacity, improve operational efficiency and elevate the passenger experience.”

While Phase 1 created new modern ticketing pods for United and Southwest Airlines, Phase 2 focuses primarily on enhancing security by relocating the south security checkpoint from Level 5 to Level 6, adding five security lanes with the ability to install more efficient technology. The new plans also maintain both the north security on Level 5 with improvements and the existing A-bridge passenger security checkpoint to support overall capacity

Phase 2 will also create new opportunities to activate the vacated south security space on Level 5 with new concessions and other amenities.

The contract amendment that the Denver City Council is being asked to approve would increase developer Hensel Phelps’ existing contract by $170 million for a total contract capacity for $365 million, DEN hopes to have a contract amendment in early January 2021 with construction of Phase 2 beginning in the summer 2021, and set to be completed in 2024.