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Denver International Airport (DEN) this week announced it is upgrading its Lost and Found program with software to better help passengers locate misplaced items.

The new Lost and Found Software system, brought to DEN by Hallmark Aviation Services, allows agents to simply take a picture of a found item with any text on it – for example a serial number – and the system will recognize, identify and categorize the item.

Passengers can then identify any lost items by submitting a claim with a description of their item and the date it went missing. The system takes the case and searches for a match, making it seamless for Lost and Found agents to locate.

On average, DEN’s Lost and Found team processes more than 2,600 lost items a month, which is down from nearly 4,800 a month in 2019, the airport said, adding those numbers will likely increase as passenger volumes continue to increase. After 30 days, unclaimed items go to auction through the City of Denver.