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Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao says the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established the Women in Aviation Advisory Board to provide independent advice and recommendations in supporting women’s involvement in the aviation field.

“Our nation is facing a shortage of pilots and aviation professionals; there are great opportunities in this sector, and we want to encourage more women to enter these exciting professions,” Chao says in a statement announcing the Board formation.

The Board will focus on analyzing industry trends, coordinating efforts among airlines, nonprofit organizations, and aviation and engineering associations to facilitate support for women pursuing aviation careers. It will also look for ways to expand scholarship opportunities and boost mentorship, education and outreach programs for women interested in aviation careers.

“We must find ways to inspire women and young people to enter the aviation profession,” says FAA Administrator Steve Dickson. “We need pilots, mechanics, engineers and many other professionals to enter the aviation profession pipeline, and I look forward to working with the Secretary to boost the number of aviation professionals and keep our nation’s aviation industry strong and vital.”