Security technology provider Genetec has launched its Security Center Airport Badging Solution (ABS), a new turnkey option that automates the complex employee background check process for airports hiring new workers.

The process is fully compliant with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) standards for the credentialing of employees and contractors. With hundreds or thousands of workers needed to keep a facility going, this process can be very time-consuming for airports looking to hire large batches of people.

The new solution streamlines the process by consolidating all tasks into one platform and automating certain steps.

“Unfortunately, smaller airports have been managing this process using paper, which can be a time-consuming process often resulting in lost information, and potentially large fines for compliance violations,” explained Joseph Degrassi, regional director, public sector at Genetec Inc. “The Genetec Airport Badging Solution provides an industry-first, out-of-the-box, simple solution for these airports to ensure compliance, optimize the badging process, and lower the overhead needed to run a badging department.”

All data collected on badge applicants is compiled and stored within the system. Customized dashboards showcase insights such as real-time applicant statuses and unaccounted for badge percentages so that airport administrators can make more informed decisions, especially when it comes to meeting audit and compliance requirements set by the TSA.