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Airport e-commerce platform Grab announced it is renaming the core area of its business Servy: the enterprise self-service platform for hospitality.

The Grab Airport Marketplace and Grab app will remain crucial offerings under the broader Servy umbrella of solutions, the company added.

The rebrand to Servy reflects the natural evolution of the company, which now provides much more than simply the ability to grab food on the go at the airport, the company said. Servy now offers a comprehensive portfolio of self-service solutions for all areas of hospitality, branching into new avenues such as street-side restaurants, venues and arenas, hotels and resorts, and enterprise food service.

“We’re incredibly proud of the progress the company has made over the last five years, having become the world’s leading airport e-commerce platform,” said Mark Bergsrud, CEO of Servy, “The rebrand to Servy signals and supports further expansion across the business and beyond airports.”

Grab was founded in 2014 as an airport mobile ordering app for food and beverage, has now processed more than six million transactions across the globe.

In addition to its airport marketplace, Servy will continue to provide three core products to enhance the guest experience and reduce high-touch service aspects across hospitality, including QR/NFC-based [email protected], allowing guests to order and pay from their own device without an app; Servy Marketplace, combining multiple dining and retail options in one user interface; and Self-Service Kiosks, enabling self-order and self-checkout guest experiences across a variety of hardware options.