HMSHost will offer self-order kiosks in their quick service restaurants, both in airports and highway service stations across the country. Currently available at locations in more than 50 airports and travel plazas, HMSHost plans to deploy the self-service option to about 100 more locations by the end of next year.

Kiosk ordering, through the QikServe self-service platform, allows guests to browse the menu and make selections, order and pay via an intuitive digital interface. The ordering process also includes a range of cross-selling and up-selling options that offer guests more options to add to their meal.

“Since deploying the QikServe kiosk solution, we have seen a significant improvement in overall guest satisfaction,” said James Schmitz, Vice President of Innovation at HMSHost. “We are confident that technology solutions like kiosk ordering are transforming the food industry.”

Combatting long lines and providing more flexibility to guests mean greater sales, and the platform also helps during times of high customer volume, common in travel venues, HMSHost says.