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Leading travel retailer Hudson this week announced an agreement to use Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology in some of its travel convenience stores.

Hudson Nonstop – the first Hudson store to implement Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology – will open in the first quarter of 2021 at Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), with additional rollouts planned for 2021.

Just Walk Out technology allows travelers to quickly enter the Hudson Nonstop store using their credit card, take the products they’re looking for, and then walk out of the store, offering shoppers an innovative walk-through experience. After they leave the store, shoppers are charged for the items they selected and walked out of the store with.

“Today’s traveler is progressively more connected, mobile and time sensitive – and they have higher expectations for convenience, safety and speed during their shopping experiences,” said Brian Quinn, executive VP and chief operating officer of Hudson. “The addition of Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology perfectly complements our current digital footprint, providing travelers with yet another quick, secure and contactless shopping experience that meets their needs.”

The addition of Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology will enable Hudson team members will now be able to spend more time focused on enhancing the shopping experience for customers. The elimination of checkout-line friction for shoppers will also appeal to both the time-sensitive traveler and the deal-seeker alike, as purchases can be made at the speed and convenience that best fits their travel schedule.

“We’re excited to work with Hudson as they innovate in the travel industry and bring convenient, efficient experiences to travelers,” said Cameron Janes, vice president, physical retail at Amazon. “We hope customers enjoy how much more convenient this makes shopping at the airport and look forward to introducing our technology to additional Hudson locations.”