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Indianapolis International (IND) has selected iinside, the Anaheim, CA-based leader in motion analytics in airports and other large public spaces, to provide passengers with real-time updates on security checkpoint wait times.

Iinside’s motion analytics platform utilizes LiDAR 3D imaging technology to help the airport better manage and monitor passenger wait times. By providing security checkpoint updates and estimates of time-to-gate journeys, the airport is looking to reduce traveler stress and build satisfaction.

“It’s all about the customer experience,” says Indianapolis Airport Authority Executive Director Mario Rodriguez in announcing the deal. “That’s our primary goal, and the wait time calculators are the latest addition to a range of technology the airport and its partners offer to enhance the travel experience, such as fast-access WiFi, self-bag tag kiosks and even human-powered charging stations.”

IND set a new record for passenger traffic last year, with more than 9.4 million passengers, fueled by increases in both domestic and international travelers.