In a merger of WHSmith divisions, InMotion Entertainment and Marshall Retail Group (MRG) are joining forces and will now be headquartered at MRG’s Las Vegas offices.

InMotion is the leading portable electronics retailer in US airports with more than 120 locations, while MRG has award-winning and unique concepts in more than 190 retail stores in airports, hotels and tourist locations across the US and Canada.

“We will continue to deliver what you’ve come to expect from InMotion’s distinguished brand identity and we recognize that our partnerships are heavily dependent upon our product prowess and well-executed programs,” the joint company said in announcing the merger. “We will maintain the business’ core infrastructure to uphold these merits while keeping our strong partner relationships. We are committed to maintaining a dedicated focus on InMotion and the distinct brand identity of each group.”

The merged unit will collaborate on shared best practices, creating a more effective organization, promoting supply chain excellence and achieving retail synergies with the goal of increasing market share.