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JFKIAT, operator of Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), this month is launching a COVID-19 recovery campaign, leveraging cutting edge technology and in-terminal testing, to ensure passenger and worker safety and restore consumer confidence in air travel.

JFKIAT’s campaign includes dedicated teams focused on five key areas: hygiene and sanitation, health and wellbeing, social distancing, transactions, and communications. In addition to installing sanitization stations, touchless sanitary receptacles and social distancing decals, JFKIAT has introduced vending machines for personal protective equipment (PPE), new robotic cleaning technology, and a series of contactless transaction systems.

JFKIAT is also analyzing each step of the passenger and employee journey to create solutions for maintaining distance between individuals in customs queues, gate hold areas and ticketing lines. Elevated body temperature screening has been implemented for all employees, with customer screening under consideration in the coming weeks.

“The impacts of COVID-19 on the aviation industry have been unprecedented, and in order to move forward, industry leaders must find unprecedented solutions,” said Roel Huinink, president and CEO of JFKIAT. “JFKIAT’s mission is grounded in providing the best possible customer experience and ensuring the highest levels of safety, and we have executed plans to ensure that our employees can feel safe and positive at work, give our customers reassurance as they return to travel once more, and cultivate systems to prepare T4 for the future.”

JFKIAT recently unveiled a branded safety campaign called S.M.I.L.E. (Social distance, Mask, Inform, Lather and Encourage) to communicate to airport staff and travelers a consistent message for staying safe in the terminal, which last year handled 21 million passengers and serves 33 international and domestic airlines.