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Blue Grass Airport (LEX) said this week it has installed the Big Ass Fans Clean Air System, providing air disinfection technology in the terminal that ensures a safer, healthier space for staff and patrons alike.

Proven to significantly and safely reduce aerosolized SARS-CoV-2 from the air, Big Ass Fans’ independently tested system promises better air quality to occupied spaces with a focus on disinfection and deactivation of pathogens, viruses, bacteria and other harmful particulates.

“This latest Big Ass Fans product is a welcome addition to our terminal facility,” said Eric Frankl, LEX executive director.  “Given the continuing global pandemic, we want to assure our passengers that we are doing what we can to provide a safe and clean environment. This fan, with its latest disinfecting technology, makes that possible. We are so fortunate and proud to have a company as innovative as Big Ass Fans in our own backyard.”