Marshall Retail Group this week is opening Gotham News at LaGuardia Airport’s (LGA) Terminal B in the new Western Concourse.

Developed exclusively for LGA, Gotham News offers travelers a mix of locally made products, snacks and travel essentials sourced from surrounding neighborhoods, including iconic local brands such as Brooklyn Roasting Company, Hal’s Seltzer Water and Chips, Coney Island Popcorn, Bobbie Sue’s Nuts and Astor Chocolates.

“Gotham News surpasses the traditional newsstand concept on multiple levels by enhancing the overall social experience with the New York community,” said Michael C. Wilkins, MRG CEO. “Marshall Retail Group is thrilled to connect travelers and locals at LGA to the heart, spirit, and ingenuity of New Yorkers in a cosmopolitan shopping environment.”

Gotham News also features renowned graffiti artist Jonathan “Meres One” Cohen’s custom installation, “A Queens Tribute” on the rear exterior wall that includes the detailed 3-letter creation, “LGA,” paying homage to historical New York landmarks.