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ReachTV, the first Nielsen-rated, linear, short-form entertainment network for viewers in airports and other on-the-go locations, this month inks a deal with New York-based Stick Figure Productions to co-produce original content for ReachTV’s In Airport Network, as well as its other platforms.

With the deal in place, ReachTV and Stick Figure are already working on several new series, including “Vacation With An Artist” – which follows painters, sculptors, musicians and others through their work as well as their favorite local destinations – and “Midnight Snack,” which features comedic foodies Homer Murray and Sam Mason exploring America’s greatest after-hours grub, drinks and experiences.

“Stick Figure has a proven track record of delivering high-quality storytelling beloved by industry executives and mainstream audiences,” says ReachTV CEO Lynnwood Bibbens. “With our distribution across airports and the hospitality sector, and their acclaimed success in the entertainment industry, there couldn’t be a better match.”