In advance of the busy Labor Day holiday, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) has launched a new service, AskSEA, to let travelers use their home Google or Amazon Alexa devices to ask questions about the airport before traveling.

AskSEA can be activated by a passenger saying “Launch S-E-A Airport” at these popular voice-activated devices and then following up with specific questions related to SEA, such as TSA wait times, terminal concessions, lost items or other airport related issues.

SEA also offers Spot Saver, a free program that allows travelers to make reservations for their TSA screening up to 72 hours in advance of their departure time.

SEA continues to provide pre-booked parking to let travelers reserve a parking space and pay in advance. Travelers then get a booking QR code on their mobile phone that can be use at the airport garage entry and exit.