Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) this week announced two pilot programs to modernize the passenger experience with seamless, touchless travel through the airport—SEA Spot Saver, a digital reservation system for TSA screening security checkpoints, and happyhover, technology for airline check-in kiosks that lets travelers check in and drop off luggage without touching an electronic screen.

SEA Spot Saver is a free, reservation-based system for TSA general screening security checkpoints. The pilot program, which runs through August 31 at SEA Checkpoints 2 and 5, allows passengers to arrive at the airport and experience contact-free expedited screening without an extra cost, membership or account. It does not apply to passengers using TSA PreCheck or services such as CLEAR.

SEA is also evaluating the touchless technology happyhover, where a traveler’s fingers can be detected above a common-use check-in kiosk through an infrared sheet of light. The technology emulates a touch interface in mid-air so that the touchscreen responds when the light is broken, removing the need for passengers to touch superfluous surfaces during the check-in process.

“We can use technology to make the travel experience more streamlined and intuitive,” said Port of Seattle Commissioner Sam Cho. “Touchless solutions reduce stress for those traveling today but are the kind of innovations that will make the airport safer and more efficient for years to come.”