San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has issued requests for proposals for a single food and beverage space, and multiple retail spaces in Terminal 3, near boarding area F.

The first RFP is a lease for a single café location next to gate 86. The space would allot just over 1,200 square feet of space and a 10-year lease to offers that qualify to occupy the Small Business Enterprise set-aside. The minimum annual guarantee for this location begins at $310,000 per year.

Three other leases are also available for bid, and these spaces open to any size business. All of these are seven-year terms with two one-year extension options.

The first lease is for three spaces in Terminal 3, comprised of  a newsstand, a beauty specialty store and a gourmet market, with a minimum acceptable offer of $1.1 million each year. The second lease is for a single sunglasses specialty store, with a minimum annual guarantee of $145,000. The last lease should be either a sports apparel store or a candy shop that can promise $150,000 for the minimum annual guarantee.

The following day, another RFP was put out by the airport for a space in Terminal 2 for specialty retail concessions. The space is about 765 square feet and should be focused on sunglasses, news, electronics, candy, etc. The proposed MAG for this space is $200,000 annually for a seven-year term.

The airport invites interested parties to attend the informational conference on Nov. 15 in the international terminal. More information can be found online here