Shreveport Airports Director Henry Thompson has decided to resign rather than reapply for the job, as requested by the city’s mayor.

Thompson, who had previously worked at San Francisco International (SFO) before taking over responsibility for Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) and the Shreveport Downtown Airport (DTN), indicates he does not want to go through the hiring process a second time.

“My decision is driven primarily by the fact that I have served effectively as director of airports with the city of Shreveport for the past three years,” Thompson in a letter to the city council. “My performance has been beyond reproach and of great benefit to the city of Shreveport; and because I was appointed and confirmed in this position after an extensive national search in which I was the successful candidate.”

Shreveport’s new mayor, Adrian Perkins, declared the position “open” after taking office, local news reports say. Stacy Kuba, the current manager of the Shreveport Downtown Airport, has been named the interim airports director.