2018 AMAC Conference

Three Questions

Sam Kamel, President and CEO of iinside

Insights into the traveler journey are becoming increasingly important as airports seek to enhance the passenger experience from curb to gate. iinside is one company that can provide data on passenger movements within the airport, offering what it calls “human flow...

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Casey Wagner, COO of Walker Consultants

Casey Wagner is the chief operating officer for Walker Consultants. At Walker, Wagner is responsible for guiding every aspect of parking consulting and design. His project expertise includes numerous airport projects, where he and his team provide full design and […]

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Wei Jiang, COO of Citcon

Wei Jiang is the president and chief operating officer of Citcon, Inc., a mobile payment and marketing platform that connects Chinese travelers to international merchants. Prior to joining Citcon in the summer of 2017, Jiang led the consumer and commercial […]

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Lise D’Andrea, President And CEO Of CSE

Lise D’Andrea founded Customer Service Experts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1993. In its early years, CSE created customer service programs for retail, food and beverage, and shopping centers. After relocating to Annapolis, Maryland, in 2000, CSE launched its first airport […]

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