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Tampa International Airport (TPA) announces that beginning next week, its TPA All Access guest past program will be dramatically expanded from Saturdays-only to daily, enabling area residents to enjoy all the airport’s shops, restaurants, bars and spas any day of the week.

TPA began All Access in May and since then more than 1,700 visitors have taken advantage of the program for plane watching, spending a few extra minutes with loved ones at their gates and enjoying one of the airport’s top-notch restaurants or bars, such as Cigar City Brewery, Ulele, Columbia Restaurant, Four Green Fields and the only Potbelly Sandwich Shop in Florida.

“This airport belongs to the Tampa Bay community, and our All Access program is one way of making sure as many people as possible can experience all it has to offer,” says Joe Lopano, airport CEO.

All participating guests in TPA All Access must sign up in advance through the airport website and are subject to the same security screening regulations as passengers boarding a plane.