Tampa International Airport (TPA) announced plans to defer or delete roughly $900 million in projects over the next four to five years, including the 16-gate Airside D, which was set to open in 2024.

The $690-million, 16-gate Airside D terminal for both domestic and international flights was originally scheduled to begin the design phase in March 2021, with construction to follow. Construction now is set to begin in 2025. When completed it will boost TPA’s annual capacity to 34 million passengers.

TPA’s three-phase Master Plan was designed to give the airport the ability to build as passenger demand dictates, moving the project forward or backwards as needed, to adjust to unforeseen circumstances.

“It was a smart approach that is now serving us well as we recalibrate our budget and our expectations for the next few years,” said TPA CEO Joe Lopano. “We will very much see a need for Airside D in our future and we’re thankful we have the flexibility to build it when the time is right.”