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U.K-based Travelport this week announced the launch of its new digital platform, Travelport+, designed to help travelers plan every aspect of their trip, including concessions and retail purchases at airport terminals, while also boosting the ability of travel agents to better serve their customers.

Travelport+ is the centerpiece of Travelport’s new global strategy and is designed to accelerate industry innovation in multi-source content distribution, travel retailing and value generation.

“Travel hasn’t kept up with the evolution of modern digital retail and today, the buying and selling of travel is more complex than it needs to be,” said Greg Webb, Travelport CEO.  “Bringing together the best of Travelport’s existing capabilities and tools and driving innovation to deliver the unmet needs of our industry, Travelport+ truly changes the game in the speed of delivery of modern travel retail and offers a fundamental upgrade to travel technology.”

Travelport+ features tools to enable travelers to manage all aspects of their trip, from ticket purchases, car rentals and amenities to shopping opportunities along the way. It also includes tools to address the needs of the professional travel agent, including the ability to provide tailored global travel content to customers.

In addition to enabling passengers to drive more value from every trip, Travelport+ will also generate data and insights for travel industry professionals to use to finetune their outreach and offers to the public.

“We’re here to power the change makers” said Webb, continuing, “At Travelport, we’ve doubled down on what we do best; great content, better retailing and providing the best value to all parts of the travel industry. Nothing else, no conflicts or competing interests, simply powering the next generation of travel.”