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The XpresSpa Group announced a partnership with the Go Give One campaign, created by the WHO Foundation to fund COVID-19 vaccines worldwide in the fight to reduce the growing vaccine equity gap.

XpresSpa will match customer donations up to $100,000 for Go Give One, which is aimed at helping populations in areas unable to afford vaccines to address the still ongoing global pandemic. Go Give One allows people anywhere in the world to fund Gavi COVAX AMC to provide vaccines for lower-income countries, helping protect those who need vaccines the most.

“We are honored to have been selected to partner and support this incredible campaign in the fight against COVID-19 for those in lower-income countries lacking access to critical vaccinations,” said Doug Satzman, XpresSpa CEO. “Our investment in the health and wellness of our customers has opened up the door for this meaningful partnership, which we hope to continue to grow in the future.”

The Go Give One campaign encourages people to help in a variety of ways, including activating their employees and customers to give, and offering to match these donations. Starting at $5, individual donations can now directly fund vaccines for the world.

“We’re calling on individuals to help end the pandemic, together making sure we get vaccines to everyone everywhere,” said Anil Soni, WHO Foundation CEO.