Edmonton International Airport (YEG) said this month it will soon begin a pilot program for a new COVID-19 test that provides results in less than 60 seconds.

The airport is partnering with Edmonton-based GLC Medical to host the clinical trials this fall of the handheld unit that can test for coronavirus based on a saliva sample, eliminating the nasal swab for virus detection.

The airport said this kind of test will help address the need for a 14-day quarantine period in Canada, while also make travelers feel safer.

“We all want travel to get back to normal and a rapid COVID-19 test will accelerate this return while enhancing passenger confidence in the safety of our industry,” said Tom Ruth, YEG president and CEO. “All airlines, airports and the whole travel and hospitality sector are looking for this solution. This is an exciting opportunity for all of us.”

The test is not required to be administered by a medical professional and, with training, can be done by anyone, similar to how basic first aid training is done.

An exact start date has not been determined, YEG said, adding that once it begins it will run for several weeks this fall. This trial phase will help GLC Medical secure regulatory approval and certification for its test from Health Canada and other regulatory bodies, including in the U.S.