ATL Skypointe Food and Beverage

Napa Farms Market, the farm-to-flight concept operated by Tastes on the Fly, is responding to the plastic water bottle ban at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) by introducing Drop Water, the innovative 100% compostable bottled custom-beverage kiosk, to the airport.

The proprietary bottling system developed by Bay Area start-up Drop Water is an ecofriendly alternative to long-life plastic. Drop Water bottles are made of unlaminated paper and compostable polymers that are collapsed and shipped to the point of sale kiosks.

Travelers using the Drop Water kiosk at Napa Farms Market’s Terminal 2 location can choose pure filtered water or customize their drink by flavor, caffeine levels and temperature. A single 14 oz bottle will last several days so it can be refilled throughout a traveler’s journey before composting.

“Napa Farms Market has always been my favorite store at SFO because they carry innovative products and they work with local up-and-coming brands,” says Scott Edwards, CEO of Drop Water.